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As the biggest organic cosmetic company in Japan, we help and support organic brands from around the world to expand their presence in Japan.
Japan has the most competitive and demanding users so it’s important to have focus on the customer target and brand positions, unique selling proposition, and also necessary to plan a marketing strategy.
Especially, in the Japanese market, even with organic products, the way the products are presented as well as the way the customers are treated in the shops will affect the success of the brand.
We not only have no how as the pioneer of organic cosmetics in Japan, but also based on our experience of various types of brand development in the cosmetic and fashion world, we support planning and creating business models which are suitable to each brand.
Also, matching the unique Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and business practices of the Japanese market, we can be entrusted with everything from importing, pharmaceutical concerns, marketing, a website for the brand, and EC site, advertising, communication tools, all the way to PR, in other words with total business needs.
Especially, for marketing, we have not only the 18 Cosme Kitchen stores, but we also have networks with other select shops or variety stores, and by using this vast network, we are good at channel arranging.

-alima PURE

alima PURE



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La Claree

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Le carre des Simples

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