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Management Policy

Message from CEO

Our heartfelt desire is to offer our customers persistent value. This is our fundamental principle.

Today, we are surrounded by many and various kinds of products.
We select and offer products we believe will still be valuable to our customers in 5 or 10 years.

We hope our customers can trust in the persistent value of our products because they are ones that were selected by mash beauty lab. We hope that we can make a contribution to society in this way.
We believe organic ingredients can be used to create the most valuable products.
Through the use of these organic ingredients, the life style of our customers will be enriched, and as these organic products become more popular, it will become a more earth friendly world, and one which is kinder to the living things inhabiting the earth.
Such a life style is not only for today, but also one which has a connection to the future.

Here at mash beauty lab our goal is a world like this. In order to make such a world a reality, all of our employees try their best, striving daily. This is who we are at “mush beauty lab”.

mash beuty lab CEO Yuki Mukubayashi Illust
mash beauty lab CEO
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